Information about Complementary Therapies



Reiki is not a religious or a faith healing method. It is a perfectly natural complementary healing therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine to aid speedy recovery and it could be the answer for you.

You don't have to be suffering from anything in particular as Reiki can be a wonderful pick me up tonic and is extremely relaxing.

Reiki is friendly, informal, private and confidential - it is suitable for anyone: the elderly, young children and even pregnant women. It can be used after an operation or on those who have painful or sensitive areas.

Reiki can be conducted either sitting or lying down and there is no massaging, rubbing or kneading. Treatments can be for either specific areas or for the whole boy. Reiki helps balance energy levels and can treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.


Aromatherapy is a massage with a blend of essential oils, chosen specifically for your mind, body and emotions. It is a gentle way of helping to restore the body and mind to a balanced, healthy state. It can be used to treat a specific part of the body or as a full body treatment.

The oils used are both pure and natural extracts of plants, shrubs and trees. In aromatherapy, these are usually applied to the body by a gentle method of massage, although there are other ways in which these oils may be used - inhalation or bathing. Apart from their healing powers, which include being antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, these aromatherapy plant essences exude powerful scents which have an effect on the memory and sensory nerves.

It is a very helpful way of treating the stress-related problems that many of us seem to suffer from now that our lives have become so pressured.


Reflexology is the art and practise of working the reflexes in the feet, hands or ears. We tap into your natural energy system and help to eliminate toxins and impurities whilst improving circulation and so induce relaxation by balancing the whole helping us to deal with stress better. Reflexology aids the maintenance of a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Reflexology is well established and is a respected therapy amongst doctors, consultants and the public alike and you don't have to be ill to receive the advantages brought about by this effective therapy. It is one of the best natural tonics available.

What happens during treatment? The reflexologist uses thumb and finger techniques on reflex points on your feet, hands or ears. You are in a comfortable position and you don't have to undress.

Are there any reactions? Some people have a runny nose, and others may pay a few trips to the toilet, but these are probably the most extreme reactions. And what better way to get rid of all those toxins? No operations, drips or needles. Reflexology can help with high or low blood pressure, stress, depression, insomnia and pregnancy related symptoms.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is over 1,000 years old and is still practiced today to alleviate tension and stress build up in the mind and body.

All body systems respond to massage and by applying pressure to key energy points. Conditions such as headaches, upper neck problems, depression and sleeplessness can be relieved.

The technique involves deep pressure to the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face and is carried out using cream or oils.

A more beneficial treatment would include an individual blend of essential oils. The therapeutic properties in the oils can act on the nervous system for up to 24 hours bringing about a greater sense of calm.

Psychological effects people have experienced include: peace, calmness, relaxation, happiness, re-vitalisation and increased levels of patience. Physiological effects that occur are:

Thermo Auricular Therapy - Hopi Ear Candles

The ear candles are made from honey extracts, essential oils of sage, pure beeswax, crushed traditional Indian medicinal herbs, beta-carotene and 100% woven cotton. The candle is gently inserted into the ear and the end is lit. The treatment is pain free and the gentle heat applied via the candle is both pleasant and relaxing. The candles are a method of clearance therapy and can be used for the relief of many problems related to the head and ears.